Venus Catalog Reviews – Pros as well as Cons of This Females Fitness program

woman_doing_weight_trainingThe Venus Catalog is really a program for females who want to enter into better shape. While a few may mistake this with regard to a weight loss program, it is actually nothing of the type. The goal is in order to get you to definitely look your own best by varying your entire body so that certain proportions in it (such because hip/waist or shoulder/waist ratios) get closer to the number called the Hermosura Index.

This index had been found to represent the ratio which makes the woman’s body look attractive and attractive. In inclusion, there are indications it also has beneficial wellness considerations. Women who tend to be closer to the catalog may be less vulnerable to certain disease.

However, the main thing is that a person get to look much better, not just thinner however more attractive. This is actually what the Venus Catalog program is all regarding.

The main section of the system are the workouts when you train your body along with strength exercises to obtain it into better form. These exercise is intense therefore you do need to create an effort with this particular plan to succeed along with it.

Venus Index was developed by John Barban as well as Brad Pilon, two individuals who know a great deal about fitness, working away, and nutrition. But this particular doesn’t mean that their own program is perfect. A few go over a few of the benefits and cons I’ve observed once i read the system.


– The exercises are all shown within video and pictures so it is easy to follow as well as do all the exercises correctly.

– The system can function for any lady, at any level of fitness. A person just need to become in good health in order to do the workouts.

— This program isn’t about lbs and weighing yourself. A person just need to get involved with the actual best shape for your own body. You are not competing along with anyone else.

– A person don’t need to count number calories or limit your self too much. You are able to take pleasure in your favorite foods, inside reason, of course.

— Developed by two well recognized experts who are able to help a person get results.


— The nutrition element associated with Venus Index gives the lot of freedom, Possibly too much freedom. A few women would have discovered a far more structured eating strategy useful.

– Only functions for women. Men will never find this program helpful.

Overall, the Venus Catalog is a superb fitness and nourishment arrange for women who would like to get their entire body into great shape. A person need to be prepared to make an effort in order to work with it.

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