Original Xtreme Power Fitness Belt Unisex Thermo Shaper Faja Sport Double Pull

SPORT WAIST TRAINER 1.Firm control helps minimize problem areas. With our firm control, you get ideal shaping to help minimize your trouble areas. But unlike most firm shapewear that tends to bind and be uncomfortable when worn for an extended period of time, Waist shaper is made with a soft, microfiber fabric that adjusts to your body for a fit that comfortably helps smooth your tummy and waist 3..Find your perfect size. When figuring out the size of shapewear that is right for you, use your dress size as your guide. It’s important to remember that going down a size will actually cause more bulging and discomfort and the waist and leg bands of the shapewear will cutinto your skin. lose weight.keep fitness.If you are currently between sizes


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