Fixbelt – Running & Fitness Belt: Stylish Hip and Waist Pouch Bag for Workouts – Phone Holder for Running, Cycling and Traveling for Men and Women, Fits iPhone 6 Plus- Best Running Accessories

You need Fixbelt if you cannot imagine your life without sport: running, cycling, weight lifting, hiking, taking cardio classes etc. You won’t feel the fitness belt on your body at all, and you won’t be distracted by thoughts about the security of your essentials while enjoying sports activities.

Always need to have your phone with you? Waiting for an important call? Don’t leave your phone at home. Just put it in your Fixbelt, which fits even big phones such as the iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6S plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7, Galaxy Note, HTC, and Nexus.

Have some healths issues and need to have fast access to your medication? If you use an inhaler, or you are a diabetic, the running pack is exactly what you need: i


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