Encinitas Sports activities & Fitness Festival Statement

remote-jpgHow does your town or town celebrate health and fitness? Within the Southern California browse city of Encinitas a person will find the Encinitas Sports & Fitness Event. They organize a weekend break of fitness events. Upon Saturday athletes different may participate in a five carat running race, the North park Century or the Exercise Board race. While upon Sunday, athletes get the chance to partake within a one mile open drinking water swim, sprint distance triathlon or duathlon.

This early morning, Sunday May 17, this year, I arrived to notice the sprint triathlon. Sports athletes started arriving to arranged up for his or her race in 4: 45am. Athletes which range in ages through 10 to 70 many years old were greeted through the notorious “May Grey”. The temperature never started, holding steady at regarding 68 degrees and there was clearly a hint of the light drizzle. Local preferred Patrick Baldwin was 1 of the first upon the list of elites to show up. Whenever asked why he loves this race he stated “It’s a fun competition; it brings the local community together and you may view the smiles on the actual competitors’ faces. We possess such a big triathlon community here in The southern part of California and our backrounds are fun for everyone”

Down by the lakes and rivers edge the water temperatures was 64, surf had been very forgiving, waves had been 1-2 feet with sixteen second repetitions. At this race you can discover some of triathlon’s large stars: Scott Tinley, Kate Major, Rachel Challis, Jessi Stensland, Lewis Elliot, Karl Bordine, Caue Suplicy, Ike Baldwin and Kim McDonald. Age groupers would begin lining up at the actual waters edge 6 moments behind the pro/elite team. On her method to the actual starting line, Specialists Jessi Stensland if she will get nervous for this competition? Stensland said “Not truly, I believe if your own not breathing your anxious and if you might be inhaling and exhaling your excited. We are thrilled and I am pleased to be racing in the backyard. ”

When the actual racers leave the drinking water they are greeted having a nice run back in order to the transition. They operate barefoot through the reduce sand and onto the blacktop path that requires them up, up the hill, towards the transition region.

The top three males out the water had been Caue Suplicy, Dave Valencia (last year’s winner) as well as Montana’s Lewis Elliot. Not really too far behind the actual men were the best three ladies: Rachel Challis, Kate Major and Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach. Local pro Jessi Stensland was number 4.

Things moved of a little bit for the men throughout the bike; however, Juliano Teruel was first within within the bike followed through Lewis Elliot (2nd) as well as Karl Bordine (3rd). Getting in the ladies had been Rachel Challis. Challis could maintain the lead upon the bike with the closing Kate Major simply seconds behind her.

Points changed once again for your men while on the actual run; it was the tight 5k. Decreasing in order to the wire, Lewis Elliot gained a lead as well as didn’t give up because he came in very first. Following behind Elliot had been Caue Suplicy to get second and Karl Bordine took third for your males. Slipping by Challis upon the run was the actual seasoned Ironman veteran Kate Major, who held upon to steal the triumph. Rachel Challis took 2nd while San Diego citizen Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach took 3rd overall.

As San Diego’s Brent Howell and John Misiner came across the actual finish line I requested what they thought regarding the race. (Brent) “There was obviously a little bit associated with waves at the begin. The bike was amazing, my chain came away but I was capable to get going once again. This is such the great race; I extremely recommend it. (Brian) “I felt good; water had been smooth and it had been just fun. I really like racing here and within San Diego. inch

Right after his finish I had been capable to catch up along with the men’s victor associated with the day, Lewis Elliot. Lewis Elliot started the actual long course race in Wildflower a few several weeks ago only to be used out by a item of glass. I requested Lewis about the Flower experience

LE: I had been disappointed, I had in order to get stitches inside my feet because I was reduce not just through the actual skin however it cut the actual nerves and muscle. We was having among the better swims, I had been assembled with Chris Lieto as well as Torbjorn Sindballe and i also feel usually a group to their rear. If you look in my past results, whenever I am with all those guys I end upward succeeding. The race had been inconclusive because I was not in a position to bike or operate and i also really wanted in order to know where I had been in.

KK: How did a person feel today?

LE: These days I was able in order to hang with Juliano as well as Caue, the lead men, and they swim truly well. It was fascinating. Within the bike I experienced awesome and good upon the run. It will help me personally as I am performing Honu in two several weeks.

KK: What is regarding a race like Honu that draws a few of the greatest names in triathlon, particularly when there is absolutely no money at risk?

LE: Alexander (Crowie) and McKenzie together with the others understand this race as preparation with regard to Kona. It’s not daily that people get a opportunity to race within the large island. The serious individuals racing there are most likely going to Kona. inch

KK: You needed some stuff applied to your reduce, how did that really feel?

LE: I was recommended with a plastic surgeon away of Montana, Doctor Jerry McCusso. who is an excellent friend of mine. This individual told me to make use of 3 layers of super stuff and I had absolutely no problems.

KK: In that future races can all of us look forward to viewing you?

LE: Honu, Alcatraz, San Diego International (maybe), Lifetime Fitness Minnesota as well as Ny. After that feel not sure; this will depend upon how Minnesota and Ny go.

KK: Are all of us going to see a person at Kona anytime quickly?

LE: Soon! Maybe not really this year but quickly.

While the age groupers were making their method to the finish collection, I bumped into Caue Suplicy.

KK: Caue exactly how was your day?

CS: It had been hard, I possess been focusing on Honu. I didn’t feel such as I had formed the top pace. I thought I can maintain my lead through the go swimming but Lewis was traveling really strong. We are pleased with finishing second.

Within the transition area Kate Main was getting ready in order to head back in to the drinking water to compete within the first annual Machoman race.

KK: Kate how was do your race go?

KILOMETRES: The weather was fine. With the drizzle We took it a small easy within the bike. This particular is my second period doing this race; it really is so much fun, the actual people are great and the locals come away. It’s just a excellent event: a weekend complete of different races therefore your family can arrive down for the weekend break to a bit of every thing.

Also getting ready with regard to Machoman was the story Scot Tinley.

KK: Jeff how have you already been doing?

ST: We are performing good. This is the actual first time We are performing the Machoman.

KK: Very best Machoman?

ST: It is actually a 5k run, six mile paddle, the run triathlon along with a one kilometer swim. This is actually the first yr and it is available to the public.

KK: Exactly what else are you performing this year?

ST: We am working full period teaching and I feel working on my coursework.

As another fun packed weekend dedicated to health and fitness concludes in the browse city of Encinitas, Ca, you can see the actual gleaming smiles of almost all the competitors, spectators as well as volunteers as they disappear. If I know triathletes, all of them thinking about 1 thing: how they may return and improve following year. It had been another course act at two associated with triathlons premier race managers Paul Huddle and Roch Frey.

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